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Welcome To ACCESS 2022

Our health system has long been a source of pride for Canadians — it’s a part of our national fabric and integral to our identity. But as new technologies have emerged that have transformed the way we live and work, our health care system hasn’t always kept up.

A new day in health care is coming.

Why It Matters

Fax machines should be a thing of the past — and in most industries, they are; but not in health care. We need to continue to modernize the way both providers and Canadians engage with the health system. While most health care providers have digital records, the information is siloed. We need to make connections. We need to connect health care practitioners to the information and services they need to provide safe and timely care. We need to connect patients to their doctors in new, modern ways. And we need to connect with each other — unite to provide better care.

Who We Are

Powered by Canada Health Infoway, ACCESS 2022 is a movement to innovate Canada’s health system that will redefine where and how Canadians access care. We are patient and provider champions working toward a Canadian health care system that is integrated, secure, innovative and focused on improving outcomes. ACCESS 2022 will restore Canada’s health care legacy and modernize the health care experience.

When it comes to health care, so much more is possible.

What We Do

Through ACCESS 2022, we’re uniting industry, health care providers, provinces, territories and Canadians to transform care.

Together we can address barriers to scaling digital health solutions across Canada. Together we can equip health care providers with the tools they need to deliver optimal care in a digital world.

Together we can empower patients to become partners in their care.

Together we can connect to better health.

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    Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J9

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